Accurist Improves After Buyout


Accurist was bought by Time Products in 2014 and now, a year on, real benefits of the new ownership are showing in terms of quality control.

Every watch undergoes rigorous testing and must pass several checking processes, including: drop/shock tests, tensile strength tests, pressure tests, appearance checks, strap twist tests, battery longevity checks, practicality tests, static load tests, and flexibility tests.

After every box that comes through the door is unpacked and every watch is checked thoroughly by hand for any cosmetic and timekeeping defects, a selection of the watches is then taken through for the next stage of quality control. The quality control team pick a maximum of 32 watches of each model from different trays and each watch is then subjected to at least 22 further checks to ensure that there is the pivotal element of randomness involved in the testing. In addition, a watch from each model is sent out to the Assay Office to comply with EU legislations.

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