Apple Gives Your Health To IBM


Apple and IBM have announced they will cooperate over the health and fitness data gathered by the Apple Watch and iPhones. IBM’s Watson Health Cloud will process the data and make it available to medical research facilities battling illnesses.

“As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, we continue to gather more and more data from existing and new sources, such as claim records, health risk assessments, hospital records, physicians’ offices, paper files in case worker/social worker offices, wellness programs, and wearable devices such as FitBit, Jawbone and soon the Apple Watch,” says Lauren Hurley on IBM’s healthcare and life sciences blog.

“Most of this data is sitting on a shelf getting dusty. But pulling together all of these individual sources of data holds great potential: the potential to transform the healthcare experience for the individual. We are missing out on the opportunity to shape this comprehensive data to create impactful insights for the consumer, making the data actionable,” she adds.

“People today want more information to inform the decisions they make about their health. Many different factors affect one’s health: nutrition, lifestyle, medical history – and today, much of this information can be captured in data. Personal fitness trackers, wearable health monitors, and other connected devices are generating more and more data every day. But without a glimpse into all the information out there, individuals only receive a fragmented view of the whole picture,” IBM asserts in its Watson Health Cloud literature.

The built-in accelerometer can only deduce the number of steps you make during your activity, so the GPS will provide positional and movement data to calculate your overall activity.