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Apple Gives Your Health To IBM

Apple Watch 3 colours

Apple and IBM have announced they will cooperate over the health and fitness data gathered by the Apple Watch and iPhones. IBM’s Watson Health Cloud will process the data and make it available to medical research facilities battling illnesses.

“As … read more

Asus Also Moving Away from Android

beautiful ASUS ZenWatch

Recently, Jonney Shih, Asus chairman, spoke about their future smartwatches. In line with many complainers, battery life is seen as the Achilles Heel of most smartwatches, Asus CEO Jerry Shen has reaffirmed that at least one coming … read more

Blancpain First to Smartwatch Market?

The Montblanc Timewalker Urban Speed e-Strap

Here’s a different take on the idea: not a smartwatch per se, but build the same features into the strap. Not totally new, Casio et al have had compasses built in for years, but … read more

Moto360 Durability Test

People love pushing the limits, here’s what one guy did to see if he could break with Moto360. How will is survive being scratched, immersed in water or having a brick dropped on it?

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Pebble Smart Watches Now Have UK Distributor

Since October 2014, the consumer electronics distributor Widget has been handling smartwatch brand Pebble in the UK. Based in Stevenage, and also the distributor for several brands including TomTom, they will be also be supplying Pebble smartwatches to retailers.

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