Pebble Time: latest pictures


All you wonderful early adopters of the Pebble Time will be excitedly looking forward to May, and the prospect of delivery of the newest addition to your gadget collection.

This is a demo/ test/ sample watch, on an ordinary strap – the final version supplied to you Kickstarter people may have a different case, strap and screen. Only the OS is, is is understood, to have been finalised.

Water Resistance

Unlike the original Pebble, weep now Apple Watch owners, with a *real* water resistance rating of 5atm (50m), the Pebble Time case is different. This new watch houses a microphone, and that requires a little hole for the sounds. This addition is expected to bring the water resistance down to only 3atm (30m). These are real water-resistance values by regular watch standards, the type you will find on any half-decent watch since the 1980’s, not the IP67 nonsense being used by certain companies to claim ‘water resistance’.

Sorry they’re not the greatest quality, we were a little surreptitious in photographing them ;)


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